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From USB Flash drives to enterprise-class servers, get what you need when you need it.


Customized Technology Solutions
Tell us your needs, and receive a specific proposal or advice on how to meet your needs.


Information for Government Agencies
Resistance Digital Solutions registrations,  cage codes, and certifications.


Our Corporate Partners
Resistance Digital Solutions have teamed with various information technology corporations to provide clients  the maximum amount savings or IT budget reductions.

About Us

Resistance Digital Solutions is a vendor- independent information technology provider. Our company has aligned with powerful corporate partners and distributors to provide the highest value.

Our Philosophy

Resistance Digital Solutions believes in providing high quality, cost effective solutions to its clients, regardless on their budget.

Client requests are handled with the utmost attention to detail. Instead of selling to a client's general needs, we customize each solution to meet or exceed their expectations.


Sales & Support

For your sales and support needs contact:

support@resistancedigital.com »
+1 (630) 547-5115
sales@resistancedigital.com »
+1 (630) 547-5115

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